Beauty Everyday.

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Sometimes I find it difficult to see the positive, beautifulside of everyday family life. Where is the beauty in dismantling yet anotherfort made out of dining room chairs and refolding every blanket we own? What isthe positive side of my son picking on his sister or my daughter sneakingthings out of her brother’s room? It’s easy to love those seemingly raremoments when they’re getting along perfectly or they’re sleeping peacefully. Andwho doesn’t love watching their children help each other or stand up for oneanother? The harder part of everyday is definitely seeing beauty in the moretrying moments.
Thanks to the Facebook “less than 6 degrees of separation”theory, I’ve visited the website of Jeff Cooke Photography many times to lookthrough amazing wedding photos taken at events planned by a friend of mine.Today I stumbled onto the “personal” section of his website and came across somevery honest photos of family life. Photos that somehow managed to help me seethe beauty in the little moments – from dumped spaghetti dinners and couchjumping competitions to snacks shared with the family pet and toys snatched by siblings.  Each picture captures the essence ofone particular moment whether it’s tears, evil grins or sheer exhilaration.
I’m always looking for ways to feel inspired and to feelmore at peace with my crazy life. Looking through Jeff’s lens reminded me thateven if dinner is on the floor, none of the couch cushions are anywhere nearthe couch and the children have declared war on each other, there is still beauty.The beauty lies in their innocence and humour, their version of right and wrongand their creative view of the world. Most importantly, the beauty is in beingtheir mom everyday. Every moment.
Check out to be inspired by Jeff’s personal photography and then explore thebeauty captured at some fabulous Atlantic Canada weddings.

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