Crazy Quest 1 – Solved. Maybe… sort of… I’m hoping.

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In an earlier post I told you about my first Crazy Quest of2012 – to help my daughter and the rest of my family with their dry skin. I washoping to do this by finding a hand & body lotion that I could make in myown kitchen. Sadly that part of the quest wasn’t successful. I did find a fewpromising recipes but I was unable to find the ingredients in my small town.
After a particularly stressful morning that involved atleast 4 sock changes in an attempt to find a pair that wasn’t itchy, I decidedto ask a few of my mom friends for ideas. I have awesome mom friends. Forexample, my favourite mom friend – my mother – sacrificed her unopened jar ofBurt’s Bees Baby Milk Bath, which promises to make my daughter’s skin “sweet,soft and silky”. She was skeptical of the cloudy nature of the water but itcleared quickly and she soaked in this for half an hour tonight. After her bathand while she was still a bit damp I followed another friend’s advice and coated her with pure cocoa butter. This isa huge accomplishment for a girl who refuses to put cream of any kind onbecause she insists it makes her itchier. She was rewarded for her bravery withcandy. Nobody said I wasn’t a weak and easily worked mom.
I also added in a very expensive fish oil supplement ingummy form. The Omega 3s these contain are supposed to help with dry skin whileat the same time stabilizing mood (I may give both kids extra for this reasonalone) and increasing brain function (and I’ll give myself a few for thisreason).  If they work my nextquest will be to find them at a price that will be a little easier on mybudget.
This is the first night we’ve tried this system. Over thelast week the weather here turned colder and drier so my daughter’s skin isgetting increasingly worse. Her clothes are her enemy and socks in particularare evil. So wish me luck on this plan of attack because if she can manage toget dressed and stay dressed in non-itchy clothes (ideally with socks) in under 30 minutes the craziness of weekday morningswill be drastically reduced.

Imagine having time to eat breakfast! Dare to dream!

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