How do they do it?

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Yesterday I wrote about some of the bloggers I findinspiring. They are creative family women who help me find ways to enjoy timewith my kids. However, as I stood in my kitchen after work today, staring atthe teetering tower of dishes, the milk jug left out since breakfast and thehalf finished mug of smoothie balancing on a chair I started to wonder about thesewomen. How do they do it? How do they maintain a beautiful blog made up entirelyof things they made themselves and still manage to feed their families healthyfoods, keep their houses clean and – most importantly – maintain their sanity?Do they actually do all of these things? If they do – what’s their plan ofattack? Are they supporters of the electronic babysitters (TV,DS, Wii, etc.) that I need to use in order to finish unloading the dishwasher for the 6thtime in as many days while sliding a pan of chicken fingers into the very dirtyoven and making a futile attempt at sweeping the sticky kitchen floor. Or dothey thank their lucky stars when they get an hour to speed clean while thekids play with their friends next door? Maybe they involve their children withclean up. If so, do they make it a game or is it a fight to get their kids tohelp? I suppose they could be night owls like me and sacrifice sleep for ashower, a blog entry and a load of laundry?
Or maybe, just maybe, they don’t do any of these things.Maybe they have, as Tracy Chappell of “Tracey’s Mama Memoirs” did, cut themselves “some slack in the domestic goddess department”(thanks Tracey, I feel relaxed just reading that line) and accepted a messyhouse in exchange for more time with their kids and maybe even a few minutes theycan call their own. I’d like to follow Tracey’s lead and just accept that I’mat a time in my life when I have to prioritize and cleaning comes in pretty lowon the list. And who knows, maybe the teetering dishes will inspire a work ofart and of course, the day-old milk and smoothies have science experimentwritten all over them. Who knew a messy house could actually be educational?

One thought on “How do they do it?

  1. Well written. Perhaps this should be a newspaper article and not a blog.I, too, find it hard to understand how they do it. Personally, I find myself spending most of my free time tidying and organizing around the house. It's true that it's my nature to do so, but my point is I can't even think of 'cleaning' most of the time because the tidying seems to never end.The sad part is that it's the kids who suffer, because a: we blame them for the mess, and b: we are not spending as much time with them as we should, especially during the week.Definitely a crazy life! Let's do a little more research into how others are finding the balance.

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