Inspiring Mommas

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I spend a lot of time surfing the web for things to do withthe kids. I’ve found some very creative moms out there. Each one of theminspires me, not only to check their blogs everyday, but also to try new thingsand come up with my own way to be save money, have fun and enjoy my crazy life.
One of my absolute favourites is the Frugal Family Fun blog.Valerie is a genius at making toys and crafts out of household items. She’sinspired the “season tree” that we have in our front hall (see pic below). It’s a simple kraftpaper tree that changes with the season. Right now it’s covered in cotton ballsnow with Santa and his #1 elf standing guard. The link below was ourinspiration for that tree:
Another blog that I recently stumbled upon is Choose toThrive. Nike (pronounce Neeka) has survived the American economy by “rockingwhat she’s got”. From beautiful tin stars made out of cake pans to handy hallowe’enlanterns made from peanut butter jars she’s coming up with ways to makeeveryday things useful and beautiful. Check out her link below for awesome girl’s tights that I would love totry, when my daughter truly leaves her TomBoy phase!
And the last one is Counting Coconuts. Mari-Ann is aMontessori teacher from Minnesota who is now a stay at home mom in Bermuda! Shedemonstrates some of the Montessori curriculum, shares ideas for organizingyour home to encourage teaching moments and provides healthy lunch and snackideas. As a mom with cupboards full of dried up paint and shelves of books thatare still geared to the average 2 year-old I can get a little intimidated bythe awesomeness of her systems but she gives me little tidbits that I can workinto every day. Check out this one for “car boxes”. I need one of these in thefront seat so I can just keep sending back new things when they get bored orstart a new fight!
All of these ladies encourage me to try new things, spend quality time with my kids and keep working on my blog. Thanks ladies!

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