Crazy Quest 1 – Hand Cream

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My daughter is itchy. As the temperature drops, the numberof things causing the itch increases. The coat she’s been wearing for two Ontariowinters, the adjustable-waist jeans that she’s had no problem with for the pastthree months and the polar fleece sweater with the fully stitched label thatdrives her crazy even though all evidence of the offending label has beenremoved. But it’s not just her. My hands feel mildly crocodilian and my waffleknit shirt is actually caught on my elbows as I type.

With that visual in mind, my first crazy quest of 2012 isto find an effective hand cream. That sounds easy but I’m adding a challenge. Is it possible to find an effective hand cream out there that can be made in my own kitchen? Ahome remedy that’s safe for my daughter’s skin but still works on mine? I’m onthe search for a resolution to this crazy quest. I’ll be back in a few dayswith anything I find. If you have any links or ideas, please leave me a comment and I’ll check out every one.

Wish me luck!

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