Crazy Town – that’s where I live.

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Life as an almost 40-year-old working mom feels crazy almostevery day.  I’ve been trying tofigure out how to have a more “zen” life but, so far, I haven’t had much luck.So now I have a new goal – to embrace the chaos, find ways to cope and do mybest to enjoy every crazy day.
Over the coming months I’ll share stories about people thatinspire and motivate me. I’ll link to their stories so you can be inspired too.I’ll also share any coping skills that I come up with for everything from dryskin to kids with anxiety and meal planning to home organization.
My other goal as I approach 40 is to spend more timecreating. I’ll show you pics of crafts I do with the kids as well as my own photography,graphic design, sewing and whatever else I can come up with.
So, I hope you enjoy my crazy journey and that it helps youtake comfort in the chaos of your own life. Together we can get throughanything!


One thought on “Crazy Town – that’s where I live.

  1. It's true…in an age when everything is designed to make life easier, we somehow feel more stressed, more lost, and have less time for the things that really matter. How did that happen?I believe there is something seriously wrong with the way our world works, I just can't put my finger on it. In all actuality it is about one million little things that all add up to one 'vida loca'.I look forward to trying to figure it out and creating some inspiring things with you.D.

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