Best Gift Ever

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I got the best Christmas gifts. My husband and I don’ttypically exchange big presents but we always try to have a small gift underthe tree for each of us from our children. This year there were 2 boxes for me.The first one from my son was a single TOMS shoe. I had a good hunch about whatwas in the package from my daughter – yay, the matching shoe!
I know you’re wondering how this could be the “best”Christmas present. It’s a pair of canvas shoes, how is that better than say, diamondearrings or an all-inclusive trip to Australia? Well, you have to know theTOMS story to understand. I’m sure many of you do know the story but I’ll giveyou a brief synopsis just in case.
Businessman, traveler and former Amazing Race contestantBlake Mycoskie went on a trip to Argentina where he found that many of the children hadno shoes. No shoes meant increased disease, sores and infection and a lack of education since shoes are part of their school uniform. This is where the One forOne movement began. The objective was simple: with every pair of shoes purchased,one pair of shoes would be given to a child in need. Within the year, Blakereturned to Argentina with friends, family, staff and 10,000 pairs of shoesmade possible by TOMS customers.
Blake inspires me. The simplicity of the movement encouragesme and reassures me that I can do something simple and have a positiveeffect on my family, my community and the world at large.
My husband and children knew that while I was wearing my newshoes I would be inspired with every step to do more, to try harder and to dosomething that matters. Best gift ever.
I’ve linked below to Blake Mycoskie’sbook “Start Something That Matters” and to the TOMS One for One Movement story. It’s a fantastic read with pages ofinspiring stories.
Enjoy and be inspired.

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